Wacky Quacky Ducky Derby – ONLINE DUCK ADOPTIONS

By on August 29, 2019

Adopt Rubber Ducks for the October 3, 2020 Wacky Quacky Ducky Derby.

  • Online Adoptions will close at midnight on Friday, October 2nd, 2020.
  • Forms will also be available at the KALB Office on October 3rd until 1:00 p.m.




1. Select “Single Ducks” or “Quack Pack”. You will have an opportunity to increase quantity AFTER you Add to Cart.

2. Enter your phone number to be used should you win!

3. You may name your ducks. If you choose not to name your ducks, enter “None”. Each name should be followed by a comma

(example: Quack, Chuck, Bill, Bob, Feathers). Do not hit Enter until you have enter all of your duck names.

4. Click “Add to Cart”. Then you will have the option of increasing your purchase, should you wish to adopt more than 1 duck or Quack Pack.

5. You may then log into Paypal (if you have an account), or select “Pay With Debit or Credit Card”.


Adoption Options
Best Contact Phone Number
Enter Duck Names (optional)