KALB Members

By on July 9, 2019

2019 Membership Renewals

THANK YOU to each of the following businesses, families, and individuals who have chosen to support the work of Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful.  Our members support KALB financially allowing our volunteers to make a difference in this community.  We applaud you and thank you for understanding the value of this organization.


Help us add to this list by becoming a supporting member today.   (New members will be added weekly)


Business Members

American Leakless Company
Rocket city Motors/Rocket City Barns
Sides Auto Body Repair, Inc.
Street Shop
Swanner Real Estate
Trustmark Bank
We Chunk Junk
West End Outdoors


Allen, Betty W.
Black, Gayle
Black, Larry and Linda
Carathers, Linda
Caudle, Milly
Christopher, Joann and Jimmy
Clem, Emily
Coblentz, Tommy and Marcella
Collins, Dwight
Cook, Michelle
John and Donna Cotton
Daws, Deborah
Davis, Jerry and Kathryn
Dell, Debra
Ferguson, Connie S.
Fikes, Judy
Ford, Gerry and Marilyn
Garth, John L.
Gates, Doug
Gentry, Bob and Julia
Goldby, Susan
Gooch, Patsy
Gordon, Ann
Gould, Michael
Harbin, Doug and Randi
Harlow, John and Grethel
Harrell, Robert and Geneva
Harrison, Barbara
Harrison, Tony
Hightower, Wanda
Hooper, Alma K.
Huffman, Rodney
Keller, Roy and Imogene
Kohlhase, Deb
Leff, Susan
Lewter, Ann & Kenneth
Lynn, John & Diane
Mammana, Paul & Phyllis
Marks, Sally
Martin, Fred and Mary Pat
McCrary, Margaret
Ming, Susan
Mitchell, Louis and Erma
Moyers, Steve and Dawn
Ohlrich, David
Page, Carolyn
Patterson, Marsha
Phillips, Barry
Porter, Debra
Pritts, Pam
Range, Kelly and Vanessa
Risdon, Diane
Roberts, Marie
Smith, Peggy
Smith, Teresa
Suggs, Faye
Suit, Teresa
Thomas, Leroy and Norma
Tinker, Linda
Todd, Teresa
Toney, Vicki
Waldrop, Pat
Walker, Walter and Marjorie
White, Henry
White, Sheila\
Woodroof, Genie and Charles
Wrenn, Bill and Jackie