Quacky Duck Decorating Online Voting

By on August 18, 2017

Help Your Favorite Duck Win “People’s Choice”

Several local businesses and organizations accepted a “naked” duck to decorate in our first Quacky Duck Decorating contest!   You can vote when you visit any of these places around town showing off their ducks, or you can cast your vote right here!

Take a gander through these photos and enjoy the creativity displayed in the final products.  Vote for your favorite or vote for more than one if you can’t choose!

Every $1 equals one vote.

All proceeds support Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful and are tax-deductible.



#01:  Athens-Limestone County Tourism Association

Project Leader:  Cayce Lee
Description:   His wheels are ready to roll and he hopes you are too!  There is much to see and do in Limestone County, and Cruiser says “LET’S ROLL”!
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#02:  American Leakless Company

Project Leader:  Tina Finley
Description:   Over $100 in cosmetics and $125 in gift certificates included for silent auction at Fiddlers
Current Online Votes:  500












#03:  Athens Arts League

Project Leader:  Amy Golden
Title:  GABBY
Description:  This duck is a tribute to vintage toys.
Current Online Votes:  35
















#04:   Athens-Limestone County Public Library

Project Leader:  Paula Laurita
Title:   OPUS
Description:   This duck is one of the smartest around.  Why?  Because he is an avid reader and spends lots of time at his local library!
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#05:  Chloe and Isabel by Lisa Taylor

Project Leader:  Lisa Taylor
Title:   CHLOE (swan) AND ISABEL (flamingo)
Description:  This dual-personality duck is filled with beauty and charm.  Whoever takes this duck home in the silent auction at Fiddlers will also receive the beautiful “Minaret Three-Row Convertible Necklace” valued at $65!
Current Online Votes:  2












#06:  City of Athens

Project Leader:  Holly Hollman
Description:  Wearing her lively yellow toga and perched among the cotton and columns is Athena Duckopolous.  She enjoys waddling about the City of Athens in flashy attire, gliding across the Duck Pond showing off her pearly white feathers, and quacking at those who carelessly litter.  She is a Classic. Southern. Character. just like her native city.
Current Online Votes:  10




















#07:  Clem Tire Company

Project Leader:  Emily Clem
Description:   Follow this duck to Clem Tire Co. for all your automotive needs!
Total Online Votes:













#08:  Eastside Pharmacy and Custom Compounding

Project Leader:   Deborah Suggs
Title:   DUCK FINN
Description:  Duck Finn is watching over the pumpkin patch at Eastside Pharmacy.  He loves all things fall, from apple cider slushies to pumpkin pie!
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#09:  First National Bank

Project Leader:  Tonya Carter
Description:  This happy duck is pleased with his earning at First National Bank!
Current Online Votes:   20













#10:  Girl Scout Troop 1922

Project Leader:  Mindy Slinkard
Title:   ALL G.I.R.L.
Description:   Girl Scouts are groundbreakers, big thinkers, and role models.  Girl Scouts design robots, start garage bands, and improve their communities – and yes, they sell the best cookies on the planet.   When she’s a Girl Scout, she’s also a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™!
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#11:  Deb Kohlhase (Individual)  On display at Dobb’s Shoe Shop on Market St.

Project Leader:  Deb Kohlhase
Description:    The story of this decorated duck is a story of inspiration.  Swim for the Roses is a tribute to the famous Kentucky Derby horse race which is often referred to as the Run for the Roses.  Just as in that classic, our winner here is adorned with a garland of roses and accompanied by a lovely lady wearing a fabulous hat.  Instead of gathering in the winner’s circle, they are shown in the winner’s wading pool – hence the color-coordinated swim fins on the lady’s feet.  The mint julep cup – here filled with roses – is another Kentucky Derby tradition.  A unique feature not found in Kentucky is the Canine Litter Patrol.  Our display features the Marine Division, of course.
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#12:  HealthSource of Athens

Project Leader:  Misty Norman
Description:  Includes a free exam, free x-rays and a TENS Unit for Silent Auction
Current Online Votes:


















#13:  Hinge, llc

Project Leader:  Heather Kiel
Description: Heather is working on her duck!
Current Online Votes:













#14 Hometown Pharmacy

Project Leader:  Christy Brewer
Description:  This honorary PharmD at Hometown Pharmacy is here to fill Dr. Yu Quackmeup’s prescription for Happy Sprinkles or any other of your medication needs.
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#15   Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful

Project Leader:  Lynne Hart
Description:    Stuffed duck with rocking horse ready to lasso litterbugs!
Current Online Votes:   Votes accepted; however,  NOT ELIGIBLE FOR AWARDS
















#16  Leet Vape

Project Leader:  Lauren Reynolds
Description:  A $50 gift certificate will be included with the duck at silent auction at Fiddlers!  Must be 19 or over to use certificate.
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#17, #18, #19  Loyd Homes of Decatur

Project Leader:  Tom Loyd
Description:  These three bright-eyed ducks were decorated by the residents in three group homes operated by Loyd Homes of Decatur.  The residents had a great time putting their creativity to use for a good cause!
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#20  Lowe’s – Athens

Project Leader:  Melissa Calvert
Title:  JIMMIE
Description:  Jimmie Duck of the Lowe’s Racing Team with gift card attached for silent auction.  Jimmie is a proud member of the Jimmie Johnson Racing Team!
Current Online Votes:

















#21  Nip & Tuck Florist

Project Leader:   Jeannie Pirtle
Description:   This free spirit loves flowers and everything beautiful!  Nip & Tuck Florist will include a $50 gift certificate for the silent auction at the Fiddlers Convention.
Current Online Votes:















#22  Osborne’s Jewelers

Project Leader:  Dawn Hagood
Description:  This beauty was created one gem at a time with care and professionalism, just the same way they treat your precious jewelry at Osborne’s.
Current Online Votes:
















#23  The Potter’s Hand at First Presbyterian Church

Project Leader:  Emily Clem
Description: The flock of ducks are hand crafted by The Potter’s Hand
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#24   Brown & Brown Accounting

Project Leader:   Lynne Brown
Description:    Digit Duck knows his way around QUACKBooks and will take care of your financial duck…I mean DEtails of your business and personal finances.  You will find Digit working side by side with the other fine accountants at Brown & Brown.
Current Online Votes:












#25  The Recycling Center

Project Leader:   Ruby McCartney
Description:   This duck wants you to know she has room for your recycling!  She’s pulling trailers to a county school near you for those who don’t live near the Athens drop-off Center on Lucas Ferry Rd.
Current Online Votes:














#26  SK Salon

Project Leader:  Sandee Kranz
Title:  SASSY K
Description:  Includes misc. items attached, products, and a hair dryer for silent auction.
Current Online Votes:

















#27   The News Courier

Project Leader:  Jessica Barnett
Title:  Super Duck
Description:  Super Duck is ready in a moments notice to quack open a news story!  A 3-month subscription to the paper will accompany this duck in the silent auction.
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#28  Union Hall Music / Arts Coalition

Project Leader:  Linda Blankenship
Description:   Snowball is ready with his musical instrument to play along with you!  Snowball loves the Union Hall Music / Arts Coalition because they support music education in the Athens-Limestone schools.  If you have a musical instrument to donate, they will make sure a school receives it to help students who can’t afford an instrument, but want to learn to play.
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#29  Hospice of Limestone County

Project Leader:  Suzanne Paysinger and Lacy Beth McMinn
Description:  This ducktor is kind and compassionate and ready to help those in need of comfort.  You can see this duck at the Hospice of Limestone County office located on Marion St. south of the square.  Drop your votes in their collection jar and ask about the services they provide.
Current Online Votes:










#30:   Suzanne’s Bakery & Eatery

Project Leader:  Suzanne Schrimsher
Title:  To Be Announced (There’s a contest going on!)
Description:   This duck is ready to cook and bake until the cows (or chicks) come home!  If you want a great meal, visit Suzannes!
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#31:   Kelly’s School of Dance

Project Leader:  Kelly Nave
Current Online Votes:













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