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By on February 25, 2016



Thank you for your interest in voting for your favorite pet in the Paws For The Environment Photo Contest!

All dogs entered in this contest are pictured here.  Additional pets may be added through April 22, 2016 as entries are received.  Choose the pets you wish to support and the number of votes you wish to enter for the pet you choose.




#01:  Annie Belle

Owner:  Lynne Hart
Title:  “Sweet Annie Girl”
Current Votes:  13

IMG_2518 (2)








#02:  Faith

Owner:  Lisa Garlen
Title:  “Just Too Cool”
Current Votes:  2









#03:  Miss Prissy

Owner;   Lou & Cel Rossignolo
Title:  “Daily Devotional”
Current Votes:  506

Miss Prissy - Lou and Cel Rossignolo








#04:   Lily & Hazel

Owner: Bill & Paula Munts
Title:  “Our Rescue Rascals”
Current Votes:  47

Lily and Hazel - Bill and Paula Munts








#05:  Crimson

Owner:  Wade & Donna Mattox
Title:  “Snowball Fight”
Current Votes:  11

Crimson - Wade and Donna Mattox








#06:  KK

Owner:  Pattie Reinhardt
Title:  “Konigin Kreiger”
Current Votes:  5

KK - Pattie Reinhardt








#07:  Willie

Owner:  Jason & Kim Roberts
Title:  “Anchors Away!”
Total Votes:  201

Willie-Jason & Kim Roberts








#08:  Alvin & Marvin

Owner:  Judie Piziali
Title:  “Alvin & Marvin”
Current Votes:  26

Alvin & Marvin - Judie Piziali








#09:  Sandy

Owner:  Keri Chalmers
Title:  “Sandy & Iggy”
Current Votes:  19









#10:  Pepper

Owner:  Dana Hickman
Title:  “Ready for Game Day”
Current Votes:  67

Pepper - Dana Hickman










#11:  Sadie

Owner:  Kay Kime
Title:  “Did I Hear the Cookie Jar?”
Current Votes:  134

Sadie - Kay Kime










#12:  Finn

Title:  “Is that a Bird?”
Owner:  Laine Terry
Current votes:  11

Finn - Laine Terry










#13:  Oliver

Title:  “Spoiled Rotten!”
Owner:  Laine Terry
Current votes:  12

Oliver - Laine Terry








#14 Jack

Title:  “Smilin’ Jack”
Owner:   James & Deena Williams
Current votes:  11

Jack - James Williams










#15  Neyland

Title:   “Paws-ing to Pick Up after the Humans”
Owner:  Holly Hollman
Current votes:   19

Neyland - Holly Hollman











#16  Sadie

Title:   “Snuggle Baby”
Owner:  Jeremy Geiger
Current votes:  37

Sadie - Geiger








#17 Peaches

Title:  “Santa, I’ve Been a Good Girl”
Owner:  George & Kathy Kittrell
Current votes:  22

Peaches - George & Kathy Kittrell












#18  Fred

Title:  “Fred”
Owner:  Sandra K. Schimmelpfennig
Current votes:  156

Fred - Sandra Schimmelpfennig









#19 Noel

Title:  “Lovin’ Little Girl!”
Owner:  Pam Pritts
Current Votes:  101

Noel - Pam Pritts









#20 DD

Owner:  Suzanne Carter
Current Votes:  106

DD - Suzanne Carter









#21  Lexi

Owner:   Campbell Vice
Title:  “Lexi Growing Like a Weed”
Current Votes:  33

Lexi - Jana Chinn











#22 Ollie

Owner:  Kim and Julie Harbin
Title:  “Ollie Harbin”
Current Votes:  56

Olly - Julie Harbin








#23 Teddi

Owner:  Ryan Guthrie
Title:  “Hey, Where is my Coffee?”
Current votes:  2

Teddi - Ryan Guthrie









#24 Gus

Owner:  Jay McCook
Title:  “Movin’ On”
Current votes:  74

Gus - Jay McCook









#25 Sophie

Owner:   Amy Cotton
Title:  “Sophie and Her Peep”
Current Votes:  131












#26 Dash, Darby & Bodie

Owner:  Amy Lumpkin
Title:  “All Tuckered Out”
Current Votes:  11

Dash-Darby-Body - Amy Lumpkin








#27  Outlaw “Josey” Wales

Owner:  Lisa Thompson
Title: ” Josey’s Seat”
Current Votes:  332

Outlaw Josey Wales - Lisa Thompson









#28 Abbey Road

Owner:  Julie Collier
Title:  “Making Music!”
Current Votes:  242

Abbey Road - Julie Collier











#29 Pearl

Owner:  Ruby (Laxson) Singer

Title:  “The Rare Jewel of a Pearl”

Current Votes:  180

Pearl - Ruby Singer











  1. Select the number of votes you wish to give to the dog of your choice.
  2. Enter the Entry # and name of dog for which you are voting
  3. Add to Cart and follow payment instructions.
Thank you, and have fun voting!

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