Marbut Bend Guided Walks

By on June 23, 2020

Take a leisurely walk along the boardwalks and gravel trails with Damien Simbeck, TVA, as he shares his extensive knowledge of the area. Damien is very familiar with the history of this area and the wildlife that call it home. A variety of wildlife can be seen here.

This easy, flat and A.D.A.-accessible 1.1-mile walk will take you across boardwalks through a wetland and a pond created by a beaver dam, through and open field, and near the shoreline of the Elk River. The combination of wetland and field draws a lively mix of wildlife.

Group sizes will be limited so it is necessary for you to sign up using the ticket reservation form below.


There are four separate walks, 3 morning and 1 evening walk, so select the date that works best for you.


– American Leakless Co.
– Indorama Ventures
– WestRock
– In’Tech Medical
– Bank Independent
– Clem Tire
– Redstone Federal Credit Union
– Aviagen



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