Litter Watch

By on May 15, 2018

KALB Litter Watch


This community needs YOU to help stop litterbugs!

  • Littering is a CRIME and can mean fines up to $500
  • Littering is UGLY and reflects poorly on all who live in Athens and Limestone County
  • Littering is HARMFUL to humans, wildlife, and the environment
  • Littering is SELFISH.  Others pick up others’ trash and litterbugs don’t see that as their problem.
  • Littering CAUSES INJURY to humans, wildlife and property by causing motor vehicle accidents, fires, choking, strangulation, poisoning, pollution, and MORE.


It takes a community of caring people to STOP THIS.


Join KALB Litter Watch by doing the following:

  • Program the KALB Litter Hotline number in your cell phone:  256-233-8000
  • Keep a pad and pen in the car so information can be written down by a passenger, or call us on a hands-free device.
  • Report litterbugs by phone (256-233-8000), email (, or through this website (


We can do this if we work together!