Earthy Art Contest and Nature Scavenger Hunts

By on June 10, 2020

We are so excited to offer these activities for students and families to do together!  We recognize how hard it has been to “stay at home” and with our Earth Day & Outdoor EXPO being cancelled, we have created the following activities for children and families.  And there are prizes to be won!




Age Categories:       5-7 yrs.        8-10 yrs.         11-14 yrs.         Family/Group (working together)

Take a walk in your neighborhood, in a park, on a trail, along a creek, or anywhere that you can observe nature.  Find items that are interesting, use your imagination and create an art project!  It can be framed, free-standing, hanging, or whatever you choose.

PRIZES for each age category:   1st Place $100     2nd Place $50     3rd Place $25


Earthy Art Contest Guidelines and Registration Form – Printable





Age Categories:    3-5 yrs.         6-9 yrs.          10-14 yrs.

We have created scavenger hunts for three age groups.  Participants will each receive a goody bag of items that will help along the way.  Complete and submit your scavenger hunt and registration form to be entered into a drawing for LOTS OF PRIZES to be given away in each age group!

NOTE:  All participants receive a goody bag with items that will help them while they explore. Please stop in the KALB office (M-F 8:30-4:30) to receive your bags.  You may also register and pick up the scavenger hunt forms if you do not print them online.


Scavenger Hunt 3-5 years – Printable


Scavenger Hunt 6-9 years – Printable


Scavenger Hunt 10-14 years – Printable


Scavenger Hunt Registration Form All Ages – Printable