Indorama Cash For Trash Challenge 

March 14th-April 24th, 2020


You could win $1,000 and more in this challenge by cleaning up 1/2 mile of heavily-littered roadsides in Limestone County!




This community needs YOU to help stop litterbugs!

  • Littering is a CRIME and can mean fines up to $500
  • Littering is UGLY and reflects poorly on all who live in Athens and Limestone County
  • Littering is HARMFUL to humans, wildlife, and the environment
  • Littering is SELFISH.  No one should have to clean up someone else’s mess, but litterbugs don’t think that’s their problem
  • Littering CAUSES INJURY to humans and wildlife by causing motor vehicle accidents, fires, choking, strangulation, poisoning, and more.


We need more people to do THIS.

  • CALL OUR LITTER HOTLINE 256-233-8000 when you see someone litter.
  • SPEAK OUT about the dangers of littering and illegal dumping.  \
  • JOIN a litter cleanup or participate in Adopt-A-Spot
  • TEACH others not to litter by word and example
  • REMEMBER, cigarette butts are litter, too.


Because it takes a community of caring people to STOP THIS.